Foodie POS privacy policy

Foodie POS mobile application

Foodie POS is committed to protecting your personal information.

Foodie POS is a multi-platform application connected to the warehouse manager.All information that you can find in the Foodie POS application is provided by Alto Slovakia.
In order to access (log in and use) the Foodie POS application, you must have valid user access to FoodiePOS and the parent FoodMan warehouse manager software.

The Foodie POS service does not store any of your personal or other data other than your login details.

The Foodie POS app may track your user activity anonymously to improve the mobile app user experience.
This tracking information has never been associated with or associated with your personal data and has never been shared with any third party.

The tracked information is never stored on your device, all information stored by Google is part of the provided Google Analytics services.